Community Connections

The Giant’s Causeway is internationally recognised and so provides a strong sense of identity and place for local people. Many local people’s family heritage and memories are connected with the Site or the tourism that grew up around it. 13% of jobs in the Council area are in tourism (2019). The Site itself is a significant employer, either through the National Trust which employs 75 full time staff and more in peak season or through other independent businesses. Outside the Site many derive a living by providing or working in businesses that offer accommodation, tours, hospitality and gifts/crafts to purchase. The Causeway Coast Way connects the settlements of Bushmills, Portballintrae and Ballintoy to the Site.

The Giant’s Causeway WHS is an important cultural and economic focal point for the local area. The Steering Group recognise the important role that local communities play in the conservation and promotion of the World Heritage Site, and aim to support communities to derive benefits from the site.

Recent Community Events and activities

Giant’s Causeway Cave Clean, May 2022: CCGHT recently partnered with the Ulster Speleological Society and Caving Club volunteers to deliver a clean up within the World Heritage Site at Leckilroy Cave. The clean up helped to remove 45 years worth of plastic and rubbish that had built up.

Eco Schools Day at Portballintrae, March 2022

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